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Chef Ken Oringer’s Favorite Gluten-Free Products

These are the brands this James Beard Award–winner keeps in his home kitchen.

Published Mar. 7, 2023.

There are lots of extremely underwhelming gluten-free products out there. But for James Beard Award–winning chef Ken Oringer, there’s no reason to settle for less than the best. 

This was especially true when he and his daughter Verveine, who was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 10, were working on recipes for the newest ATK Kids book, Cooking with My Dad, the Chef. Here are the brands that help make many of those recipes taste so great.

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Gluten-Free Pasta

There are several brands of gluten-free pasta and noodles that the Oringers think are just as good as their wheat-based counterparts. Here’s what they stock in their pantry and what they used to develop recipes such as Pasta with Pepita Pesto and Pasta al Forno with Five Cheeses.

Gluten-Free Flours

Gluten-free flour blends are made of a combination of ingredients that work together to behave just like wheat flour would. If you look at their ingredient lists, you might see white rice flour, brown rice flour, tapioca starch, cornstarch, potato starch, milk powder, and/or xanthan gum. The two brands below are, in the Oringers’ opinion, the best. They’re used in tons of recipes in their cookbook, from Miso-Banana Bread to Lemon Pound Cake and even in Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bars.

Cup4Cup Gluten-Free Multipurpose Flour (left) and King Arthur Gluten-Free Measure for Measure Flour (right)

In addition to these flour blends, there are other flours that are naturally gluten-free. Look for almond flour (the key ingredient in Double-Chocolate Almond Muffins), chickpea flour, sweet rice flour, oat flour, and millet flour.

Gluten-Free Ramen

This ramen is the key to the perfect gluten-free Ramen Cacio e Pepe—the mashup you didn’t even know you needed.

Lotus Foods Organic Millet and Brown Rice Ramen

Never settle for subpar gluten-free substitutes again!


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