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The Secret to More Flavorful Pound Cake? A Butter Knife

Poking your cake with a butter knife and then pouring on the glaze means glazy goodness in every bite.

Published Mar. 9, 2023.

I love lemon pound cake. It’s the perfect thing when you want a treat that strikes the balance between decadent and light.

And if you ask me, the best part is the lemony glaze—it's bright, adds moisture, and gives the cake a nice crackly top that provides some textural contrast.

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But wouldn’t it be even better if every single bite was bursting with that glazy goodness?

Well, yes. At least that’s what Boston chef Ken Oringer and his daughter Verveine discovered as they developed their brand new gluten-free cookbook with ATK Kids, Cooking with My Dad, the Chef.

In it, they make a mega pound cake in a tube pan and pack it with four teaspoons of lemon zest for big lemon flavor. While it’s still warm from the oven, they poke it all over with a butter knife and pour over a simple lemon glaze—⅓ cup of lemon juice mixed with ¾ cup of sugar. Then they poke a few more holes for extra assurance that the glaze fully soaks in.

As the cake finishes cooling, the glaze seeps through the cake, creating sweet lemony rivers that add even more flavor and moisture throughout the cake. Plus, you still get that delicious, sparkly crystallized sugar layer on top.


Cooking with My Dad, the Chef

Get 70+ kid-tested, kid-approved, (and gluten-free!) recipes for young chefs from Verveine Oringer and her dad, James Beard Award-winning chef Ken Oringer!

And there you have it: an even better lemon pound cake, and all you had to do was open your silverware drawer.

How to Soak Pound Cake with Glaze

  1. Use butter knife to poke about 20 holes in cake.
  2. Pour glaze evenly over top of cake and then poke a few more holes in cake to allow glaze to fully soak in.
  3. Run butter knife around edge of cake to loosen from pan and allow glaze to run down sides.

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