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The Crispiest Chicken Parmesan Uses Cheese Two Ways

Plus, it keeps the chicken from getting too soggy.

Published Apr. 12, 2023.

The same crispy coating and melty cheese that make chicken Parmesan so memorable are the same things that can make it hard to cook. Thin chicken cutlets dry out quickly and melty cheese congeals to a greasy layer that too often sogs out rather than protects the coating. 

Here’s how to avoid every pitfall and make the Best Chicken Parmesan every time.  

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In the newest episode of our YouTube series Today’s Special, Ashley Moore shows you how to pack maximum flavor into each layer with enough crunch to stand up to a hearty sauce.


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Step 1: Prepare the Cutlets

For the tastiest results, start by properly preparing the chicken.

  • Split the chicken breasts in half horizontally before pounding them out so that they cook up evenly.
  • Salting for a few minutes helps season and keep the chicken moist.

Step 2: Make the Crispy Coating

Ensure the crunchiest coating with these tips.

  • Adding flour to an egg mixture gives it a bit more structure.
  • A seasoned cheese mixture of Parmesan and bread crumbs packs even more cheesiness into the equation.
  • Starting the cooking process in a nonstick skillet keeps the coating nice and crunchy.

And what would be the point of going to all the trouble to preserve a crunchy coating only to sog it out with the sauce? To ensure everything stays crispy, we layer the cheese first and then the sauce so that the cheese forms a waterproof layer between the crust and the sauce. 

For our cheese, we don’t stop at mere Parmesan. A mixture of fontina and mozzarella ensures a stringy, melty pull that gets nice and bubbly under the broiler while the chicken finishes cooking.

Top with torn, fresh basil, and you’re ready to tuck into your new favorite recipe for chicken Parmesan.

Watch Ashley put together the best chicken parmesan, right here.

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