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Foolproof Living Makes Mushroom Ragout with Farro for an Easy Weeknight Meal

And in the process, she learned more than just how to make a recipe.

Published May 15, 2018.

The Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook is America’s Test Kitchen’s first all-purpose make-ahead cookbook packed with 500 fresh recipes re-engineered by the test kitchen to work around your busy schedule. Every recipe is kitchen-tested to not only work, but to exceed expectations every time, from party-ready appetizers to healthy salads to easy one-dish meals to company worthy roasts and desserts. And if you prefer, every recipe can be made straight through, too.


Our Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook is your ticket to a lifetime of easier meal planning, make-ahead cooking, and entertaining no matter what type of cook you are. But don't just take our word for it. Aysegul, the blogger behind Foolproof Living, prepared our Mushroom Ragout with Farro and found out for herself how convenient (and delicious) the recipes from this book are.

"I chose this recipe from the book, because (1) I love mushrooms and (2) I thought serving mushroom ragout with farro was such a good idea," Aysegul writes. "In the past, when I made mushroom ragout I would usually go for pasta as a pairing. However, after trying this version I found that the combination of farro was far superior."

"Healthy, nutritious, and heartwarming" mushroom ragout

For a mushroom ragout with rich, intense, and savory flavor, we used a combination of meaty, substantial portobellos plus a mix of assorted mushrooms. A small amount of dried porcini added even more complexity, and tomatoes and a splash of dry Madeira wine cut through the richness. For a hearty base that complemented the mushrooms nicely we paired them with nutty farro.

Aysegul's mushroom ragout looks as good as it tastes.

Aysegul learned more than just a recipe. She shared that it was her first time cooking with Madeira wine, and she "thought that the sweet (acidic) flavor coming from the wine balanced the flavors of the mushrooms perfectly." She also learned that you don't need to be afraid to wash your mushrooms by running them under water. We found that mushrooms gain a very minimal amount of water if they are washed right before they are cut.

All in all, Aysegul approved of the recipe and the make-ahead cooking tips we included in the book.

“As it is usually the case with everything that America’s Test Kitchen publishes, I think that this cookbook is yet another masterpiece that you should add into your cookbook collection," she wrote. "The book offers tips and tricks on creating a kitchen to help you make dishes ahead to provide your family with a healthy homemade meal even after a long day at work.”

No guesswork. No mistakes.

The Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook

This cookbook is your ticket to a lifetime of easier meal planning, make-ahead cooking, and entertaining.  
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What’s your favorite make-ahead meal? Let us know in the comments! For the recipe for Mushroom Ragout with Farro, read Aysegul’s post. And for more from The Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook, check out these posts:

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