This Summer, Grill Your Cocktails

Grilled burgers and dogs are cool and all. But what about a refreshing adult beverage?

Published May 22, 2023.

The weather is getting warmer. Summer is underway. You know what that means. It’s grilling season.

Grilling isn’t just fun. It’s flavor. Charred, smoky, delicious flavor. The perfect addition to burgers, dogs, kebabs, veggies . . .

. . . and cocktails.

Trust me. This summer, grill your cocktails.

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Grilled cocktails are a great way to wow your guestsand yourself. Charred fruits, herbs, and other garnishes simply take those cocktail flavors up a notch. Grilled pineapple in a margarita? Charred rosemary in a whiskey sour? Yes, please.

They look fancy, they taste incredible, and they’re so easy.

Intrigued? Good. Because my brilliant colleagues developed a handful of grilled cocktail recipes while working on The Outdoor Cook cookbook.


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Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Charred Pineapple Margaritas: Grill the pineapple and lime halves

Grilled pineapple rings are blended along with sugar, lime zest, and the juice from charred limes. This refreshing drink goes perfectly with taco night. Bonus points for adding a smoked salt rim.

2. Burnt Whiskey Sours: Grill the lemons and rosemary sprigs

This isn’t your parents’ whiskey sour. Grilling lemons caramelizes their sugars while softening their acidity. Squeeze the juice from grilled lemon halves and muddle grilled slices to build complex citrus flavor. Charred rosemary sprigs add woodsy notes (plus they make a really cool garnish.)

3. Bloody Marys for a Crowd: Grill your garnishes

The best part about Bloody Marys is they come with a snack. So why not grill them? Great options include: grilled lemon slices, charred tomato or avocado wedges, blistered shishito peppers, grilled shrimp, or even griddled crispy bacon.

4. Peach Sangria: Smoke the peaches over a packet of wood chips

A pitcher of sangria adds punch to any outdoor party and this version has it all. Smoked peaches muddled with peach liqueur and white wine tastes like a glass of summer. (If that was a thing.)

You’ve already fired up the grill for a stellar meal, so why not grill your cocktails too? 


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