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America's Test Kitchen's Most-Saved Recipes, August 2023 Edition

Which recipes did our subscribers fave the most?

Published Aug. 1, 2023.

America’s Test Kitchen has published nearly 15,000 recipes over the three decades we’ve been developing them.

One way of keeping track of your favorites? The "Save" button. That’s this guy here on the recipe page:

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Saving a recipe adds it to your Favorites. Consider it a personal recipe box you carry on all of your devices. You can organize your Favorites into folders so that you can go straight to your most-loved recipes the next time you want to make them.

So what recipes are our subscribers loving and saving the most this past month? Let’s count down.

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6. Mushroom-Beef Blended Burgers

For our July/August issue of Cook’s Illustrated, Senior Editor Lan Lam blends mushroom into beef patties for a savory, succulent, and deeply delicious burger.


Mushroom-Beef Blended Burgers

A mushroom-beef blend produces succulent patties that drip with savory juices. They're also kind to your wallet and environmentally prudent.
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5. Glazed Peach Fritters

Cook’s Country test cook, Kelly Song, takes peak-season sweet peaches and conjures up a deep-fried treat worthy of state fairs and backyard gatherings alike.


Glazed Peach Fritters

A fruit-packed treat that doesn't skimp on the peach flavor.
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4. S’mores Bars

How do you take a campfire favorite and turn it into a handheld, anytime treat? Cook’s Country senior editor, Jess Rudolph, cracked the code with her S’mores Bars.


S'mores Bars

For this indoor version of the iconic campfire treat of toasted marshmallow and milk chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers, we started with a thick, sturdy graham cracker base.
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3. Zucchini Ribbon Greek-Style Salad

For the August/September issue of Cook’s Country, Deputy Food Editor Nicole Konstantinakos turns late summer’s abundance of zucchini into a refreshing, sophisticated salad.


Zucchini Ribbon Greek-Style Salad

An easy late-summer twist on a familiar classic.
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2. Briam

Featured in a recent episode of America’s Test Kitchen on public television, Briam is a Greek vegetable casserole bathed in olive oil and worthy of a main course.



Greek cooks slow-roast vegetables in olive oil and pair them with good bread for a lush, laid-back meal.
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1. Ultimate Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Our most-saved recipe of the last month? Cook's Country's Jess Rudolph's crispy, crusty, indulgent sandwich that would sell for $17 at a fancy restaurant.


Ultimate Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Smoky grilled vegetables, melted mozzarella, and basil mayo take this sandwich over the top.
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