This Kitchen Scale Will Improve Your Cooking

There’s a reason we stock dozens of these ATK recommended scales in the test kitchen.

Published Aug. 16, 2023.

Ever followed a baking recipe perfectly, only to be disappointed that your biscuits weren’t flaky enough or your cookies weren’t perfectly chewy? 

Or maybe you brewed yourself the most mind-blowing cup of coffee but were unable to re-create it the next day?

Here's the secret: The best way to achieve precise, consistent, and delicious results in the kitchen is to use a kitchen scale to measure your ingredients, especially when you’re baking. 

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Measuring ingredients by weight (especially dry ingredients) will help you eliminate the inconsistency that happens when two different cooks scoop up cups of flour—you could be adding more or less flour to your cookies without even knowing it! 

And this goes beyond baking. I'm very particular about my coffee. In the past, I'd leave the quality of my morning joe up to chance. Using a kitchen scale means I get a perfect cup of coffee to start the day, every day.

We don’t just recommend any kitchen scale though; we’re entirely committed to our ATK recommended winner from OXO. Here’s why we love it so much.

The Anatomy of a Winning Kitchen Scale

It’s Perfectly Precise

We test kitchen scales’ accuracy in our lab using standardized lab weights, repeating tests exhaustively to make sure that there are no wonky fluctuations or changes after months of use. This scale sailed through accuracy testing, perfectly calculating weights and helping us portion ingredients. 

The Display Is Moveable

Our ATK recommended scale has a few design elements that set it apart during testing and daily use. Its two large, sturdy buttons and easy-to-read LED display screen make taking measurements, taring out weights, and switching between units delightfully effortless. 

Its screen also pulls out an extra four inches so that you can see it even when you’re measuring larger bowls. Its stainless-steel weighing platform is also removable, which makes cleaning the unit a breeze. 

It’s Durable and Dependable

We stock dozens of these scales in the test kitchen, and I use my own copy at home every day for baking, making coffee, and equipment testing. It has undoubtedly changed my cooking for the better. It’s also held up to daily use for years, including countless drops, knicks, and splashes. 

It’s easily one of the best things I’ve purchased since working at ATK. It's changed how I cook.

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No matter what you’re cooking or baking, weighing the ingredients helps guarantee perfect results—but only if your scale is accurate and easy to use.
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