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2 Reasons to Have More Than One Cutting Board

It makes staying clean and organized a lot easier.

Published Aug. 29, 2023.

When preparing a meal, my priorities are taste, cleanliness, and organization. Taste is a no-brainer since I often use recipes created by our talented testers. Staying clean and organized can be trickier, especially when working with several ingredients.

However, I’ve found that having more than one cutting board makes these priorities a tad easier. Here’s why.

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Reason 1: Food Safety

Although washing your cutting board with warm soapy water is enough to kill harmful bacteria, sometimes I’m not 100% positive that my board is clean enough. 

I’ve cut out the guesswork by having two plastic cutting boards: one designated for raw meat and the other for vegetables. This gives me peace of mind that the food I’m preparing isn’t cross-contaminated.

Reason 2: Efficiency

Cleanliness and efficiency go hand in hand. Once I wash my cutting board with warm soapy water, I’ll further sanitize it in the dishwasher. But, this also takes some time—too much time if I’m just cleaning it so that I can chop more ingredients. 

When I’m done using one board, I can drop it in the sink so that I can clean it later. It makes my life a little easier and makes cooking so much more enjoyable.

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