How to Make Dry Chili Chicken, a Sichuan Classic

Crispy chicken nuggets dusted with tingly spices, nestled in a sea of chile peppers. Learn to make this Sichuan classic.

Published Nov. 8, 2023.

Ever play the children’s game Let’s Go Fishin’, the one where fish spin around the motorized lake and you have to catch them with a magnetic rod?

Dry Chili Chicken (or Chongqing chicken, named for the Sichuan city) requires a similar level of hand-eye coordination.

The game is this: There’s a sea of peppers, more for decorative effect than for consumption. Nestled throughout are nuggets of batter-fried chicken thighs, deeply marinated and dusted with tingly spices.

To win, you must fish out the crisp chicken with chopsticks before everyone else at your table does.

This recipe, developed by test cook David Yu, is honest-to-goodness one of the tastiest things you can make out of our new book, A Very Chinese Cookbook.

Do it, friends. 


Dry Chili Chicken (Làzi Jī 辣子雞)

This magnificent-looking Sichuan dish—from the brand-new A Very Chinese Cookbook—is not only delicious, but tests your hand-eye coordination.
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Follow along as my dad and I make Dry Chili Chicken.

A Very Chinese Cookbook

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