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Which Nacho Recipe Is Right for You?

Whether you’re a traditionalist, year-round griller, or spice lover, we have the nacho recipe for you. 

Published Feb. 8, 2024.

Gathered around a platter full of nachos is one of our favorite places to be. Whether it’s a party or game day, nachos are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Plus, there are countless ways to execute them.

Almost too countless. We have so many recipes for nachos it can be tough to choose!

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites so that you can find the right nacho recipe for you.

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For the Nacho Traditionalist: Cheesy Nachos with Salsa and Guacamole

Our Cheesy Nachos with Guacamole and Salsa are as classic as it gets. Tortilla chips layered with a whopping full pound of cheddar ensures a cheesy bite every time. The pan gets adorned with scoops of our supersimple homemade salsa and guacamole (it’s worth it to make your own!) for an impressive presentation and easy dipping. 

Cooking for a crowd? This recipe can easily be doubled to serve eight to 12.


Cheesy Nachos with Guacamole and Salsa

Nachos are always a delicious treat, and making salsa and guacamole from scratch will be sure to impress eager eaters.
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For the Person Who Thinks Nachos Are All About the Toppings: Loaded Bean and Beef Nachos

Tired of grabbing a slab of nachos only to find half your chips are naked? In our Loaded Bean and Beef Nachos, the spiced beef, refried beans, and Monterey Jack cheese get layered, leaving no chip untopped. (This recipe was developed for kids, but people of all ages love a loaded nacho.)

Even better, the order you layer the ingredients ensures the perfect texture in every bite—the beans on top of the chips catch extra liquid from the beef and keep the chips from getting too soggy, and the cheese on top of the beans helps the next layer of tortilla chips stick.


Loaded Beef and Bean Nachos

Turn after-school snack time (or game day!) into a party with these fully loaded nachos.
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For the Person Who Grills Year-Round: Smoked Nachos

Who says you can grill only in warm weather? This outdoor recipe for Smoked Nachos sure doesnt. These cast-iron nachos on your gas or charcoal grill are next-level. A foil packet of wood chips gives these nachos that delicious smoky flavor. Blistered peppers and charred corn kernels add great texture. The combination of both Monterey Jack and sharp cheddar make these irresistibly gooey and delicious. 

Another plus? Cooking these nachos outdoors leaves your oven free for the rest of your menu.


Smoked Nachos

Take your next backyard get-together to the next level and wow everyone with these grilled skillet nachos.
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For the Vegan: Vegan Loaded Nachos

Whether youre vegan or not, this recipe for Vegan Loaded Nachos is big, bold, and incredibly tasty. It starts with our creamy Vegan Cheese Sauce, a huge hit among our subscribers. The combination of potato, sweet carrot, funky nutritional yeast, and vegetable oil results in an orange-tinted, ultracreamy, “how on earth is this not cheese” sauce. From there, the chips get topped with a roasted tangy tomatillo-corn salsa, pinto beans, fresh radishes, and sliced jalapeños.


Vegan Loaded Nachos

We set out to create a big, bold, party-ready platter of vegan nachos that would deliver an exciting combination of flavors and textures to satisfy even the most voracious case of the munchies.
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For the Spice Lover: Ultimate Spicy Beef Nachos

These Ultimate Spicy Beef Nachos pack layers of punchy heat. Refried beans get woken up with pepper Jack cheese and canned jalapeños. Ground beef gets cooked with tons of spices and canned chipotle. And then the nachos get topped with even more melty pepper Jack and freshly sliced jalapeños. These tasty goodies might make you sweat a little, but you’ll definitely go back for more.


Ultimate Spicy Beef Nachos

Most nachos end up soggy, bland, and greasy when they could be crisp, flavorful, and fresh. Using the right ingredients is important, but the real secret to perfect nachos lies in the assembly.
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For the Person Who Doesn’t Want to Turn On the Oven: Ground Beef Nachos with Sweet Pickled Jalapeños

Want nachos in a flash? Our Ground Beef Nachos with Sweet Pickled Jalapeños let your microwave do the work! Simply microwave American cheese, milk, and chipotle for a few minutes and voilà! Creamy cheese sauce with a kick. Then, all you do is drizzle the sauce onto your tortilla chips, top them with your seasoned beef and sweet pickled chiles, and you’re ready to serve.


Ground Beef Nachos with Sweet Pickled Jalapeños

Who says nachos can’t be dinner? When they’re loaded with seasoned ground beef and pickled jalapeños, they’re sure to be plenty filling.
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For the Next-Level Party Host: Table Nachos

Cook’s Country’s Morgan Bolling said it best: “Why limit your nachos to a plate? Serve them right on the table.” Simply cover your table with butcher paper for easy clean up and let the layering begin. Douse your chips in your favorite toppings, drizzle on a big batch of green chili queso, and watch your guests ooh and ahh. Morgan helps talk you through each step of the process in her article about how to serve nachos on the table.

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