The Next Generation

Casting Is Officially Open for “America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation” Season 2

The test kitchen is looking for their newest addition in the second season of our competition cooking show.

Published Feb. 7, 2024.

Last year, we met 12 hopeful home cooks on the first season of America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation, a cooking competition series that was offering the job opportunity of a lifetime: a place in the cast of America’s Test Kitchen’s award-winning TV show.

If you watched every episode and wished it was you up there, now’s your chance! Season two casting is officially open.

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Who qualifies to apply?

ATK is looking for a skilled home cook to join our ranks. Whether you’re self-taught or classically trained, all you need to be considered is a love for cooking, a nose for recipe development, and the confidence to do it all on camera.

Even if you think your on-camera presence could use a little work, using your cooking skills and knowledge to develop delicious and failproof recipes is what’s most important. Can you reverse-sear a steak in your sleep? Know the difference between baking soda and baking powder? Bring together rough-puff pastry in a snap? Those are some of the most important assets you can have. We’ll work with you to help develop the rest.

Contestant Marc Sievers on "ATK: The Next Generation" Season 1
Contestant Marc Sievers celebrates a win in the first season of "America's Test Kitchen: The Next Generation."

What would I be signing up for?

Contestants will be facing off in a myriad of cooking challenges, putting their interests, experiences, and personalities on a plate for the judges. And they’ll be doing it all with the guidance of America’s Test Kitchen’s most loved and trusted personalities.

But it’s not all about cooking. Elle will share her food-styling expertise and teach the contestants how to make their dishes look photo-ready. And social media star Dan Souza will help them develop their on-screen personalities and prowess.

No matter where your skills lie, you’ll be signing up to learn from the best at what they do, and you'll garner a range of new skills, knowledge, and unforgettable experiences . . . and maybe even a dream job in the cast of ATK TV.


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How do I apply?

Simply head to the casting page to apply, where you’ll be asked about your cooking experience and interests and get the chance to show off some photos of your very best dishes.

Good luck!

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