11 of Our Favorite #atkgrams From 2017
It's been a good year for your food photos. Here are some of our favorites.
America's Test Kitchen

We love seeing the masterpieces that you create with our recipes. After spending weeks researching, troubleshooting, and ultimately developing a recipe we're proud of, seeing your creations is the best payoff. Below, we've compiled a list of 11 of our favorite fan posts—that is, #atkgrams—from 2017.

1. @everydaycastiron prepares our recipe for Fluffy Dinner Rolls from Bread Illustrated


2. @joyfulkitchen meeting Julia and Bridget at our first-ever Boston EATS food festival


3. @sallysbakeblog prepares the Black and White Cookies from The Perfect Cookie

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4. America's Test Kitchen staff photographer Steve Klise (@steveklise) documents test cook Tim Chin's resourceful, DIY tool for observing the solar eclipse

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5. @theproperbingeblog prepares the heart-shaped cake from Great American Cakes

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6. @sondheimlover prepares our recipe for Ultranutty Pecan Bars

Ultranutty Pecan Bars


7. @projectdomestication prepares our recipe for Cranberry-Ginger Pear Pie


8. Cook's Country Editor in Chief Tucker Shaw (@tuckershaw) chronicling the early stages of recipe development for strawberry cheesecake bars (coming in 2018!)

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9. @chezlarae prepares our recipe for Lemon Bundt Cake


10. @mybreadandshutter prepares our recipe for Olive Oil Cake


11. And one more from @steveklise, because every "best" list should include a photo of a rainbow cake

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Check out our list from 2016 here, and see all the photos tagged #ATKGrams on Instagram—and make sure to tag your cooking photos, too!