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Weeknight Cooking

5 Quick and Easy Recipes to Conquer Your Weeknight Cooking

A weeknight meal plan for those who like to think ahead.
By Published Apr. 20, 2018

MEAL PLANNING—CHOOSING A recipe, shopping for the ingredients, and finally, the prep and cooking—can feel like an overwhelming task, especially on a weeknight. That’s why we’re strong believers in planning meals ahead. This gives you the opportunity to save money and time, reduce stress, and eat real food. Not sure where to start? We’ve designed a week’s worth of meals pulled from our archive of hundreds of 30-minute recipes

For this weeknight meal plan, we’re using the same strategy that our test cooks who create the Cook’s Country magazine 30-minute recipe cards use. (Check out this article with their weeknight cooking tips.) We’ve chosen our recipes for this week based off of dishes we know use similar ingredients—yes, this means you’ll be able to use all of your herbs and protein before they wilt or expire. At the same time, we’re giving you a little bit of everything to avoid falling into a recipe rut. And if one of the dishes below doesn’t appeal to you, swap it out with one of our other quick weeknight meals.

This is a tasty dish! I have made it over and over again for my family, and they love it as well.
Robert, a Cook's Country web member's review of Fennel-Crusted Pork with White Beans

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