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Team Favorites From the June/July 2018 Issue of Cook’s Country

Get an inside look at some of our standout recipes from our latest summer issue.
By Published May 1, 2018

Our Cook's Country cooks and editors go to exceptional lengths to develop the recipes in each print issue. Our obsessive recipe development—which can take months, from concept to final recipe—guarantees dishes that are foolproof delicious. And if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already know all of that.

So we’ll cut to the chase. Choosing favorites doesn’t come easy for us, but as always, we do the hard work so that you don’t have to. Here’s what some Cook’s Country staffers think stand out the most in the new, June/July edition. Take a look, and then browse the issue and pick your own favorites.


“These are make-ahead, so I naturally have a soft spot for this recipe. You can shape the donuts, keep them in your fridge the night before and fry them in the morning. That means you don’t have to get up at 5am. You can sleep in and still have a freshly fried donut at home.” — Alli Berkey, test cook

Philadelphia Pork Sandwiches

“Oh I love this one! The broccoli rabe is so delicious—it’s kind of bitter and salty which tastes so good with the fatty pork. When you make the pork for the sandwich, you also make this jus that you can dip the sandwich in. It’s just got these awesome textures and flavors. It’s probably one of my favorite sandwiches and I never had one until I tried our recipe.” — Katie Leaird, senior editor

Milk Chocolate Revel Bars

“They’re really, really good—super tender, moist, chocolatey (you can’t go wrong with chocolatey), and buttery from the oats on them. I love the combination of the oats and chocolate together. It reminds me of my childhood.” — Ashley Moore, senior editor

Smoked Fish Tacos

“I’ve never had anything that’s quite like them. The slaw of the apple, celery, and carrot doesn’t seem to belong but it’s delicious.” — Matthew Fairman, test cook

Grilled Mojo Chicken

“Citrus, garlic, fresh herbs, jalapenos. . . these are a few of my favorite things. I love super vibrant flavors and it’s made on the grill. Anything on the grill is a go zone for me.” — Tucker Shaw, editor in chief

Slow-Cooker Pork Posole

“This rich, complex stew is deeply flavored with pork, red chile, and hominy. For a dish with this much soul, and that provides this much comfort, it's also pretty easy to make.” — Scott Kathan, deputy editor

One-Batch Fried Chicken

​"This recipe makes frying chicken pretty approachable. It’s easy and actually something I'd want to make at home. Also, there’s an interesting backstory to KFC in this issue that I just love." — Morgan Bolling, senior editor

Southwestern Tomato and Corn Salad

"The mixed heirloom tomatoes are perfectly acidic yet sweet and perfumey, and the corn is sweet and starchy and—since it's not cooked—makes a satisfying pop when you eat it. I love that it's something you can just throw together." — Cecelia Jenkins, associate editor 

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