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Episode Recap

Season 10, Episode 7 Recap: Bourbon and Broccoli Hit the Grill

Our recipes will inspire you to give these two ingredients some grilling love.
By Published May 30, 2018

On this episode of Cook’s Country TV, Julia Collin Davison fires up the grill to demonstrate how to make our ultimate Grilled Bourbon Steak recipe. Next, tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Bridget Lancaster to a tasting of dill pickle spears. Then, equipment expert Adam Ried reviews inexpensive options for instant-read thermometers. Finally, test cook Ashley Moore prepares our unforgettable Grilled Broccoli with Lemon and Parmesan.

Season 10, Episode 7

Bourbon and Broccoli Hit the Grill

On this episode of Cook’s Country TV, Julia makes bourbon steaks, Ashley grills broccoli, & Adam reveals the best inexpensive instant-read thermometer.
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1. Rib-Eye Steak is Good On Its Own, But Better with Bourbon

We were skeptical about using bourbon to marinate rib-eyes, until we tried the whiskey steaks at Jesse’s Restaurant in Magnolia Springs, Alabama. Naturally, whiskey and steak make a great pairing, but we did make a change after some preliminary tastings: We swapped out the whiskey for bourbon. Tasters loved its hint of vanilla flavor, which it gets from the white oak aged barrels it’s made in. (Make sure to purchase a bourbon you’re comfortable drinking because you’re definitely going to have a good portion of the bottle left over.)


Grilled Bourbon Steaks

“This is a fab recipe. I followed exactly and the results were tremendous. I’m still thinking about them and I made them 3 months ago!” — Cindy, a Cook’s Country Web Member’s review on our Grilled Bourbon Steaks
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2. A Shorter Shelf Life Means A Fresher, Crisper Kosher Dill Pickle

Our recommended brand of kosher dill pickles has nothing to do with abiding by Jewish dietary laws. Actually, it has everything to do with where you grab a jar of pickles from in the supermarket. We tested the two supermarket options—refrigerated pickles and shelf-stable pickles—and quickly learned that refrigerated dill pickles is the way to go. While shelf-stable pickles will last for many, many years, the process for making them washes out the crisp texture, garlicky flavor, and natural green colors you get with refrigerated dill pickles.


Dill Pickle Spears

Just because refrigerated and shelved dill pickle spears both come in a jar doesn't mean they taste the same. To avoid atomic green, wilted, dill pickles that may have a "soupy taste" at the supermarket, we share a few tips on what you should look out for when purchasing dill pickles. 
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3. A Great Inexpensive Instant-Read Thermometers Comes Down to Three Must-Haves

And they are accuracy, read-out time, and design. The more you know about the temperature inside your food, the more control you’ll have over it. That’s why starting off with a thermometer that gives precise results is key. We checked the temperature of boiling water, ice water, roasted chicken thighs, and bubbling caramel with different instant-read thermometers to check the accuracy. Next, we looked at the read-out time. Our top recommended instant-read thermometer, ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4, will read out the temperature in less than five seconds but our inexpensive recommended instant-read thermometer, Thermoworks ThermoPop, didn’t trail too far behind. It reads out in just a little over six seconds. As for the design, our winning thermometer fit the bill with its 7-inch length, easy grip, and placement of the screen for the read out.



Knowledge is power—this is especially true in the kitchen. We love using an instant-read thermometer in the kitchen because more control means less stress and better results. Don't worry, your thermometer doesn't need to be expensive for it to work. Just accurate. 
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I’ve seen marinades ruin a perfectly good steak. This one makes a perfectly good steak even more perfect.
Bridget Lancaster, after having a few bites of our recipe for Grilled Bourbon Steaks
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