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On the Road

Cook's Country Takes America

Where we went, who we met, what we ate, and what it means.
By Published July 13, 2018

Four to five times a year, Cook’s Country’s executive food editor Bryan Roof and staff photographer Steve Klise catch an early morning flight out of Boston in search of the best traditional and down-home fare across the USA, along with American takes on cuisines from around the world. They're inspired by the home cooks and regional dishes in every region of the country—and they're determined to get to know them all.

Left: Executive food editor Bryan Roof on the job in Alabama. Right: Staff photographer Steve Klise on a photo shoot.

Here you'll find stories about the places they’ve been and the dishes they’ve discovered that now have a special place in our hearts and stomachs. We encourage you to stop by every now and then to learn more about our country's food and the people bringing these dishes to life. In addition, you'll find tips for when you're on the road and travel recommendations from our community. And if you have your own road trip story, destination recommendation, or favorite roadside food, leave us a comment at the bottom of the page. (We might travel to your hometown on our next trip!)

Table of Contents

Here's What You'll Find:

  • On the Road Stories
  • Road Trip Tips, Inspiration, and More
  • Recipes from the Road You Can Make at Home
  • Cook's Country TV On-the-Road Episodes
  • Comments section

On The Road Stories

Read about executive food editor Bryan Roof and staff photographer Steve Klise's trips around the country in search of creative home cooks and memorable roadside restaurants, from California to Tennessee, New Mexico to New York.

Road Trip Tips, Inspiration, and More

Before you fasten your seatbelt and put your car in drive, check out some of our articles for tips and inspiration from the people that know the road and food best. 

Recipes From The Road You Can Make at Home

It might be tough to find a restaurant outside of North Carolina that serves dipped chicken, or a pizza joint outside of the Motor City that serves Detroit-style pies. But with our foolproof recipes, you can make these dishes at home. We've reengineered some of the very best bites and recipes from our travels so that home cooks anywhere in the country can prepare them in their own kitchens.

We are proud of this collection of recipes and hope that they become a part of your culinary repertoire. Below you'll find the recipes we've tasted on the road and then recreated in the kitchen, split out by region.

Northeast-Inspired Recipes

Midwest-Inspired Recipes

Southern-Inspired Recipes

Western-Inspired Recipes

Cook's Country TV On-the-Road Episodes

There's nothing quite like seeing a recipe made right in front of you! Join hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison, our cast of cooks, taste testers, and equipment experts on Cook's Country TV. We explore everything from family-friendly weeknight dishes to comforting home-style favorites to holiday showstoppers. Our kitchen is your kitchen. Welcome home.