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On the Road

The Cook's Country Team's Favorite Recipes From The Road

We're big fans of all the recipes we create. Still, some deserve a special shout out.
By Published July 12, 2018

Several times throughout the year, Cook's Country Executive Food editor Bryan Roof and staff photographer Steve Klise travel to different regions of the U.S. in search of local dishes that deserve a national spotlight. When they taste something memorable—which they always do—they bring it back to Boston, where our team of test cooks eagerly awaits, ready to soak up their stories and get to work on recreating the best of what they ate on the road. These trips have inspired dozens of recipes that have come out of the test kitchen. Here are a few of our test cooks' favorites.

Morgan Bolling, Senior Editor


Eastern North Carolina Fish Stew

This dish is near and dear to my heart; I'm from that area of the country and have friends and family there still. And it's delicious!
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Matthew Fairman, Test Cook


Puritan Backroom–Style Chicken Tenders

I went to New Hampshire with Bryan and Steve to research this recipe. I had fun snooping around the Puritan Backroom restaurant to see if I could learn what made their chicken fingers so popular. Spoiler alert: I did.
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Cecelia Jenkins, Associate Editor


New England Pork Pies

I was able to experience the sights and sounds of Hartley's Pork Pies in Somerset, Massachusetts, and speak with the owner and understand the deep roots these pies have had in the community for a century. I love it when food strongly connects generations. 
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Ashley Moore, Senior Editor


Detroit Fish and Chips

I loved speaking to the owner Harry Barber ("ya got 'em") from Scotty Simpson's Fish and Chips in Detroit–an unlikely location for this dish. I loved solving the puzzle of getting the fish and chips to cook in just one pot and finding an easy way for both elements to be hot when time for serving at home.
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Alli Berkey, Test Cook


Shrimp Po’ Boys

Po' boys are one of my go-to orders whether I'm in New Orleans or not. This version, featuring crunchy fried shrimp and a simple remoulade, are based on a sandwich from the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I've made them a number of times at home since.
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