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Weeknight Cooking

Dinner Tonight: Mediterranean Steak and Pita Salad

This weeknight dinner features quick-cooking skirt steak and an often overlooked herb: Mint.
By Published Mar. 11, 2019

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I bought too much fresh mint. What’s the best way to keep it fresh?

There is nothing like finishing off a savory dish with a fresh hit of herbs. And while I’m wild about parsley (just ask my coworkers) and a big fan of cilantro, I think mint is sometimes given short shrift. But that shouldn’t be the case! There’s no herb as fresh and refreshing as mint.

The recipe for this superflavorful dish calls for ½ cup of chopped fresh mint—a good healthy dose. Depending on the size of your bunch, you may have some left over, so make a julep if you’re inspired! 

If you want to save your mint instead, our favorite way to store fresh leafy herbs is to loosely roll washed, dried stalks in a paper towel and then stick the roll in a zipper-lock bag and stash it in the vegetable crisper in your refrigerator. Mint should last a week if stored in this way. Use it on almost anything: I love mint tossed onto a chicken salad, muddled into lemonade, or even atop a lamb burger.