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Weeknight Cooking

I’m Craving Chicken and Dumplings, but I Don’t Have All Day to Cook. Any Tips?

Light, savory parmesan dumplings turn this restorative chicken soup into a complete weeknight meal.
By Published Apr. 1, 2019

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When you sink a spoon into a bowl of supercomforting chicken soup that’s been simmering on the stove all day, there’s a moment when your spoon hits a dumpling that’s as light as a pillow, the aroma of the broth hits you, and you think, “Oh, yes. Oh, very much yes.”

The thing is, you don’t have to simmer that soup all day to get the same feeling. You can achieve it in about half an hour.

One way to cut down on time is to use a rotisserie chicken for the meat. And the dumplings in this soup are incredibly easy to make. All you do is stir, drop, and simmer. No fooling. But the real secret is leeks, which have an uncanny ability to unleash a wide range of aromatic flavors into the pot without a lot of work. These cousins of onions bring equal parts depth and freshness to a quick-cooking soup like this.

Just be sure to wash your leeks thoroughly; submerge them in clean water after you’ve sliced them, and then swish them around vigorously so that all the sand and dirt is dislodged and falls away. It’s not their fault they’re so prone to being dirty, it’s just the way they grow.


Chicken and Leek Soup with Parmesan Dumplings

Our clever method produces comforting chicken soup with flavorful dumplings in just half an hour.
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