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Which Mustard Should I Choose?

With so many options on the shelves, things can get confusing.
By Published June 24, 2019

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I’m a mustard fanatic. I love the heat, acidity, and spice it can bring to a dish. But not all mustards are the same!

Dijon mustard is typically very smooth in texture and made with hot brown mustard seeds and wine (which adds tang). I love it when I’m looking for a jolt of vibrancy.

Spicy brown mustard is more coarsely ground; like Dijon, it offers a vigorous punch. Sometimes it includes horseradish to amp up the heat even more. 

Yellow mustard is made from milder yellow mustard seeds, so it doesn’t have quite the same level of impact as other types. It usually gets its yellow color from turmeric, paprika, or a combination of the two, but neither adds much flavor.

Whole-grain mustard is the slipperiest category. It can range from mild to hot, from simple to complex, and from just a bit coarse to downright pebbly. It might be my favorite style, and it’s the one we use in this recipe here. 

There are many other mustard variations but these are among the most common. My suggestion: Keep a few varieties on hand. You never know what mood will strike.


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