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Cook's Close Up

Cook's Close Up

Simple portraits of American cooks doing what they love best. Are you ready for your close-up?
By Published June 22, 2021

America's cooks have powerful voices. In addition to inspiring us with their kitchen wisdom, they help us explore culture and our shared humanity.

Cook's Country's editors and photographers travel the nation to bring you the stories of American cooks in our On the Road series. These "Cook's Close-Up" portraits are outtakes from that series and show another side of the people who help feed our country. A new portrait will be added with each new issue.

Alice Matthews making cheese biscuits at Mom’s Grill in Washington, North Carolina in 2017. Featured in our April/May 2023 issue.
Wallace Johnson wrapping links of boudin at Johnson’s Boucanière in Lafayette, Louisiana
Wallace Johnson wrapping links of boudin at Johnson’s Boucanière in Lafayette, Louisiana. Featured in our February/March 2023 issue.
A cook in a restaurant
Alfonso Torrez of El Camino Real in Kansas City, Kansas. Featured in our December/January 2023 issue.
a fisherman removing a whole tuna from a pile
Tristan Hayman, fisherman at the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market (Bigfoot stall) in San Diego, Cali. Featured in our October/November 2022 issue.
Owner Richard Funk carries a sheet tray of racks of smoked beef ribs out of a smoker trailer behind Desert Oak Barbecue

Richard Funk, owner and pit master at Desert Oak Barbecue, El Paso, Texas. Featured in our August/September 2022 issue.

woman holding crab
Aracelis Pizarro Rivera holds a land crab outside of her home Loíza, Puerto Rico. Featured in our June/July 2022 issue.
chef cooking in restaurant kitchen
Janice Dulce making sinigang at FOB Kitchen in Oakland, California. Featured in our April/May 2022 issue.
Locha Lomidze smiling in his kitchen
Gocha Lomidze, Toné Cafe, Brooklyn, New York. Featured in our February/March 2022 issue.
Patricio Arguello smiling in his kitchen
Patricio Arguello, Mary and Tito's Cafe, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Featured in our December/January 2022 issue.
Soto Guadelupe holding bushel of chili peppers
Soto Guadelipe, Three Brothers Chile, Hatch, New Mexico. Featured in October/November 2021 issue.
Bryant Valdez rolling dough
Bryant Valdez, Baker, La Segunda Central Bakery, Ybor City, Florida. Featured in August/September 2021 issue.
portrait of William Chaney sitting behind line up of barbecue sauces
William Chaney, Pit builder, photographed at the Tenderloin Grill, Kansas City, Missouri. Featured in June/July 2021 issue.
Alexander Bodnar
Alexander Bodnar, Józsa Corner restaurant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Featured in April/May 2021 issue.