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Yes, You Can Indulge in a Weeknight Lobster Without Breaking the Bank

It’s possible, and it’s so worth it.

Published June 1, 2022.

I come from a long line of lobster lovers, yet I hardly ever cook with it at home; the price makes it hard to justify the splurge beyond the most special of occasions. 

The hankering for lobster pasta struck recently, though, so I developed this recipe for Lobster Spaghetti with Orange and Fennel as a way to stretch a small amount of lobster into dinner for four.

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To get the most lobster flavor from just a couple tails, make a quick lobster stock with the shells and some clam juice (which bolsters the seafood flavor without tasting noticeably clammy). 

In the spirit of superfast weeknight cooking, I simply microwave the raw shells with clam juice, but if you have time, you can sauté or roast the lobster shells first to deepen the flavor (you can do the same things with your shrimp shells, too). Then use that quick stock to make a pasta sauce with the chopped tail meat and some sautéed fennel, tomatoes, onion, and garlic and flavor it with orange and anise-y ouzo. 

Lobster Spaghetti with Orange and Fennel

The best reservation in town is at your house when you serve up this restaurant-caliber lobster pasta dish.
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Yep, it really is that easy. And if you need more incentive to make this fancy schmancy dish on a weeknight budget, then here’s an idea of what you’re getting once the plate hits the table.

The mild, buttery sauce complements the lobster’s sweet flavor perfectly and doesn’t overpower it the way a heavier tomato or cream sauce would, which is why just two tails pack plenty of flavor.

So if you want to satisfy that lobster hankering without the burden on your time and finances of buying and making it, this is a great way to treat yourself, your wallet, and your tastebuds, all in one sitting.

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