Sliders: Little Burgers, Big Flavor, Endless Possibilities

You can put more than ground beef on a slider.

Published June 13, 2022.

Sliders are one of the best foods to serve at a party. It’s so easy to grab one (or more!) of these two-bite sandwiches and eat it while mingling. They’re also great for a fun and simple dinner when you’re not hosting a party.

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The most common (and perhaps most beloved) slider is a miniature hamburger, popularized by hamburger chain restaurant White Castle. We developed our own version of these diminutive sandwiches, focusing on creating tender, beefy burgers; soft, steamy rolls; and gooey melted cheese. They’re iconic and mouthwateringly delicious, and if you set them out at a party, they’re going to go fast.

Watch the video below to learn how to make them.


But beef is just the beginning when it comes to slider fillings. Once you hop on board the mini sandwich train, you’ll uncover a world of options. You can make patties with lamb or turkey instead, or even shrimp.

Our Shrimp Sliders for Two feature crunchy panko-coated shrimp patties, both tartar and cocktail sauces, and leaves of Bibb lettuce. To ensure that the patties are flavorful and have texture both inside and out, we mix Old Bay and mayo into the shrimp—some of which we pulse until finely chopped and some we leave more chunky—stir in sliced scallion, shape the patties, and dredge them in panko. A shallow fry ensures golden exteriors and perfectly cooked interiors. Since this recipe serves only two, there’s no need to wait for a party to whip them up. 

Shrimp Sliders for Two

A small but mighty version of a Lowcountry classic.
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For more slider options, you can actually skip making a patty at all and just layer in some good deli meat and cheese, as we do with our football sandwiches. One version features melty Swiss cheese, Black Forest ham, and yellow mustard. And the other hits all the notes of a hot pastrami sandwich with its namesake meat, Swiss cheese, and a little sauerkraut. To take these sliders up a notch, we brush their buns with a flavorful topping of onion, poppy seeds, Worcestershire sauce, and butter. They’re simple to assemble (and can even be made a day ahead) and just need about a half-hour in the oven before they’re ready to serve. 

Ham and Swiss Football Sandwiches

Brushed with a butter sauce and baked, these hot sandwiches are a game-day favorite.
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So, what do you need to make a good slider?

A quality bread product. A flavorful main component. A sauce or condiment. And a little imagination.

Fried chicken on a potato roll? Sure. Crispy slabs of pork belly on a dinner roll? Why not? A nice stack of roasted or grilled vegetables with fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of balsamic sandwiched between small squares of focaccia? Sign me up.

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