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How to Boost the Blueberry Flavor in Your Next Pie

Our Blueberry Cream Pie delivers a fruity punch thanks to this clever technique.

Published June 20, 2022.

You know how people love to ask what your “desert island food” would be: the one that you would happily eat, beyond anything else, for the rest of your life? My reflexive answer to that question is usually mint chocolate chip ice cream, because I think I could happily eat ice cream for the rest of my days.

But if I had to really think about it and put myself in the shoes (or whatever leathery remains of them there are) of this desert island castaway, my true answer would have to be blueberries.

I love blueberries.

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Whether on top of oatmeal, strewn throughout a fruit salad, or straight out of the punnet, I truly believe these plump, juicy berries are the food of the gods. Which is why when I indulge in something as delicious as a blueberry cream pie, I like to know that I’m getting the full flavor of my berries.

But how exactly do you go about punching up the flavor of fruit in a pie, especially since the cooking process can often dull those flavors? Cook’s Country’s answer is simple: blueberries two ways.

Blueberry Cream Pie

This just might be the best blueberry pie you’ll ever eat.
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Cook’s Country’s Blueberry Cream Pie is perfect for so many reasons: the buttery, golden graham cracker crust, its light and tangy whipped cream cheese topping . . . But best of all is the filling of pureed fruit, studded with fresh blueberries just waiting to burst in your mouth.

This technique of adding fresh blueberries to the pureed ones is what delivers that extra juicy, floral punch of berry flavor in every bite, ensuring that the sweetness from the added sugar in the mixture is balanced with the bright, peppery notes of fresh fruit.

The truly incredible thing about this pie is that it’s a no-bake recipe, requiring only a few minutes on the stovetop to bring the filling together, and voila: a delicious pie bursting with fruity flavor, creamy whipped topping, and a buttery crust to bring it all together.

Actually, maybe that’s my desert island choice.

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