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The Three Best Summer Recipes to Make Right Now

Summer’s end is in sight. Here are the three recipes to make before it’s over. 
By Published Aug. 17, 2022

Summer. Is. Almost. Over. 

One of these mornings, you’ll step outside and the air will feel different: crisper, colder, autumnal. But that’s okay, because we have some recipes that will help you eke every last ounce of sunshine, beach sand, lounge chairs, and poison ivy out of summer. (OK, maybe not that last one.)

Following are the summer-ish recipes that have proven most popular with Cook’s Country readers over the past few years. 

Texas Barbecue Brisket

The Story: Huge hunk of meat, simply seasoned and expertly cooked on a backyard kettle grill using our failproof method (and a charcoal snake)

The Hook: This recipe takes time . . . but that’s a good thing. Curate your beverage selection and playlist, and make a day of it with a few of the good people in your life. 

Why You Should Make It: The moist, tender results are the epitome of beefy deliciousness. 

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Shashlik-Style Beef Kebabs

The Story: Supersavory, beefy kebabs inspired by Editorial Director Bryan Roof’s trip to the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn 

The Hook: Pureed onion and a touch of warm spice give the marinade incredible depth. 

Why You Should Make It: Skewers are fun, and these are very, very delicious. 

Grilled Flank Steak with Basil Dressing

The Story: Flank steak is lean but very beefy-tasting. We show you a failproof way to cook it evenly that adds a ton of bright, fresh flavor

The Hook: For the best char and potent flavor, marinate your flank steak after cooking, not before. 

Why You Should Make It: The basil in the finished vinaigrette smells and tastes like summer.

Wait, did I say three recipes? Since the top three were all beef recipes, I thought I’d give you a bonus recipe; our fourth most popular features chicken. (But “three” sounds better in a headline so . . .)

Smoked Chicken Wings

The Story: A sugar-salt brine; potent barbecue-inspired rub; a hefty dose of smoke; and a tangy, glossy sauce 

The Hook: The smell of burning charcoal and wood smoke 

Why You Should Make It: These might just be the best wings you’ll ever eat.