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What Should I Be Doing with These Perfect Tomatoes?

  We all face that summertime dilemma, and Cook’s Country has the perfect answer.
By Published Aug. 29, 2022

It’s the inevitable summer question: What should I do with all these beautiful tomatoes? Well, we have a few responses.

First, you should make a tomato sandwich

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Next, you should make another tomato sandwich. After that, I think you should probably make a third tomato sandwich. Repeat until you absolutely cannot stomach the thought of another bite of tomato sandwich. 

And then? You should make pasta.

Pasta might seem like a strange choice for these perfect peak-summer tomatoes. After all, doesn’t some of their transcendent fruity juiciness get dulled when cooked down into a sauce? It does! And that’s why I suggest you keep them raw. 

For this Rigatoni with Marinated Tomatoes and Burrata, marinate chopped raw tomatoes in a warm garlic oil (to wilt them slightly) with salt, pepper, and sugar. Let them sit while you boil pasta and then toss the seasoned tomatoes with the pasta until the noodles start to absorb some of the tomato juices. 

Then, top the pasta with fresh basil and pieces of burrata: The superflavorful tomato juices mingle with the creamy burrata filling, making a rich yet fresh-tasting bowl of pasta that’s an undeniable celebration of fresh tomatoes. 

And after the pasta’s gone, maybe you can make another tomato sandwich?