On the Road

On the Road with Bryan Roof: Episode 1, Louisiana

Dive deep into a Cajun pig roast in the first episode of Bryan Roof’s On the Road video series.

Published Sept. 21, 2022.

Deep in Cajun country at the Cochon de Lait Festival, the air is thick with smoke and the aroma of succulent pork. The only choice you have to make: whether to check out the boudin-eating competition or the fried crackling contest. Or maybe watch the kids try to catch a greased pig. The one mandatory part of the festival is that you eat. And you eat a lot.

Cook’s Country’s Editorial Director Bryan Roof attended the festival as a part of his On The Road series and describes it as nothing less than “a classic Cajun country good time.” But discovering more about the people behind the festivities—and the food that they create, share, and eat—was what really fueled his journey to this altar of all things pork.

To travel along with Bryan on his journey to Louisiana, watch the video above.

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