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What Kind of Fried Chicken Are You? Take Our Quiz

We have so many delicious fried chicken recipes, there’s guaranteed to be one that’s perfect for you.

Published Dec. 6, 2022.

There’s a lot to like about fried chicken. Craggy, deeply seasoned golden meat that has the perfect crunch-to-chew ratio in every bite. If you love this American food icon, chances are you’re going to love all our fried chicken recipes.

But is there one standout that’s meant just for you? To help you find your fried chicken soulmate, Cook’s Country has put together a personality test to match you with the perfect recipe.

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Take our fried chicken matchmaker test below, and make your perfect fried chicken recipe tonight.

1. The most important thing about fried chicken is:

a) Juicy meat

b) Interesting and unexpected flavors

c) Crispy, crunchy coating

d) A spicy heat

e) Bright, citrusy flavor

f) Fun, snackable novelty

2. The best recipe for fried chicken:

a) Includes an irresistible sauce

b) Uses heapings of fresh herbs and spices

c) Focuses on the ultracrunchy batter

d) Uses ingredients that’ll give the chicken a kick

e) Keeps the flavor refreshing and light

f) Is shareable for the whole family

3. How do you feel about takeout chicken?

a) You can’t improve on my hometown’s recipe

b) Boring! I want something a little different

c) I can’t get enough of it

d) Love it, but I want to add my own twist

e) It’s too heavy and greasy for me

f) I prefer other items on the menu

4. What word best describes your ideal fried chicken dish?

a) Tangy

b) Funky

c) Crispy

d) Spicy

e) Aromatic

f) Snackable

5. How much time and effort are you willing to put into making your fried chicken?

a, c, e) I don’t mind committing an hour or two for a really good meal

b, d, f) I want it right now

So how did you do?

If you got mostly A's:

North Carolina Dipped Fried Chicken

You don’t mind getting a little bit messy while digging into your fried chicken, and flavor is hugely important to you. But above anything else, you’re all about the sauce: This regional North Carolina fried chicken recipe will offer you a swoop of tangy flavor with every bite. It’s dipped in a lip-tinglingly spicy sauce, made even more succulent with a balance of intricate sweet-salty notes.

North Carolina Dipped Fried Chicken

Dip? Hardly. We took a deep dive into this local take on fried chicken.
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If you got mostly B's:

Ranch Fried Chicken

You’re all about a light and crispy coating that sings with flavor. You like to use words like “piquant,” and you appreciate a range of cuisines and cooking techniques. When it comes to fried chicken, herby flavors get your palate excited, and you appreciate the creaminess of a classic ranch dressing that complements it oh-so-perfectly.

Ranch Fried Chicken

Hot oil is the key to crunchy fried chicken, but it’s deadly to fresh herbs. Or is it?
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If you got mostly C's:

Extra-Crunchy Fried Chicken

If you could set up a KFC in your own kitchen, you’d do it, no questions asked. It’s all about the craggy, golden coating for you, and if the meat is juicy and flavorful, well that’s just a bonus. You’re a fan of the greats and don’t see any need to reinvent the wheel; that’s why this takeout-inspired fried chicken recipe is just for you.

Extra-Crunchy Fried Chicken

We wanted to create juicy, rich tasting fried chicken at home without the big mess, and with a crust as crunchy as KFC.
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If you got mostly D's:

Nashville Hot Fried Chicken

The Colonel knew what he was doing, you’ll readily admit. But when it comes to fried chicken, you think you know a thing or two about bold flavors. That’s why you’re not afraid of a little heat, something to kick your regular old fried chicken up a notch or three. This fried chicken recipe, which uses a whopping twelve times the amount of cayenne than most hot fried chicken recipes, is guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Nashville Extra-Hot Fried Chicken

Getting scorching hot fried chicken outside of Nashville is nearly impossible. We set out to bring this sweat-inducing treat home.
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If you got mostly E's:

Garlic-Lime Fried Chicken

A good serving of fried chicken just doesn’t hit the spot for you unless it entices you with rich and fresh flavors. You say “no, thank you” to soggy, greasy morsels, preferring a light and refreshing bite of something herby and bright. This recipe is guaranteed to have you asking, “Chick-Fil-Who?”

Garlic-Lime Fried Chicken

We set out to replicate the garlicky, citrusy marinade and extra-crunchy coating found in many Latin fried chicken recipes.
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If you got mostly F’s:

Popcorn Chicken

If your friends had to name your best quality, it’s generosity. You love to share and make sure everyone is fed, but you don’t mind enjoying a few handfuls of a deliciously crunchy, savory snack for yourself. Complete with a hot honey sauce, our recipe for homemade popcorn chicken will make you the favorite at every party, without having to sacrifice a single morsel.

Popcorn Chicken

Bite-size fried chicken is a big seller at fast-food restaurants. Our recipe makes it just as big a hit at home.
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