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You Can’t Rush Deliciousness in French Onion Soup

The best French onion soup starts with slowly caramelized onions. No shortcuts. 

Published Dec. 5, 2022.

We love a good shortcut here in the test kitchen. But some things—such as French onion soup—are best done the long, slow way. 

Our recipe for French onion soup gives the onions a pretty classic treatment by slowly caramelizing them.

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The entire process takes about an hour, but you don’t have to stand over the pot the whole time; we start the vat of sliced onions with the lid on for about 20 minutes to encourage the onions to break down and give up their liquid. Then we slowly cook off that liquid as the onions soften and brown. 

We depart from tradition with the croutons; why struggle with a big, flat crouton that covers the entire surface of your soup crock but doesn’t fit on your spoon? Instead, we float bite-size croutons on top of the soup before showering them with cheese. That makes it easier to eat them with your mouth. 

Watch Cook’s Country’s Bryan Roof make this rich, delicious soup from start to finish in the video below. Soup’s on!

French Onion Soup

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