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Hot Take: Steamed Burgers Might Even Be Better than Grilled Burgers

Steam the bun and the meat when you make your next burger. Just trust us.

Published Apr. 17, 2023.

I know—it’s a pretty controversial opinion. But that’s only because you’ve never tried a perfectly steamed burger, have you? That’s what I thought.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have sampled a Connecticut Steamed Cheeseburger, then you’ll know just how juicy and flavorful these burgers can be. In fact, even when cooked to medium or medium-well, the meat retains its moisture and stays superjuicy thanks to the steamy cooking environment.

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Now, I know what you’re going to say: The all-important smoky-savory browning from a traditional grilled burger could never be replicated. Sorry, but wrong again. To amp up the classic seared-meat flavor in these burgers, we combine umami-rich soy sauce, tomato paste, and onion powder into the meat to mimic the flavors of a grill-seared patty.

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Once the meat is cooked to perfection, shredded cheese is added to the burgers off heat and then another crucial step takes place: You steam the buns as well. Doing this allows the bread to warm and soften slightly in the steamer without becoming soggy.


Connecticut Steamed Cheeseburgers

Most burgers dry out if you cook them beyond medium-rare. Not these. Steamed burgers stay incredibly juicy and moist even when cooked to medium-well.
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Essentially, this means that the hamburger is double-steamed, resulting in double the juiciness and double the pleasure of eating it. And what’s even better? There’s no lighting the grill or needing to clean it, and you have perfectly delicious burgers on the table in a smidge over 30 minutes.

Don’t believe me? Just try them for yourselves and you’ll be a convert, too.

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