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One-Bowl Brownies Mean Less Time Dishwashing, More Time Eating Brownies

What would you rather be doing?

Published Apr. 19, 2023.

I make brownies just about every week. 

Any visitor to my house will know that I’m never without a big stack of fudgy brownies piled on my cake stand, or, more likely, already waiting for you on a plate. So as you can imagine, I spend a lot of time cleaning brownie batter (or at least the portion that I don’t sneak a taste of) out of my baking pans and mixing bowls.

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Flour, sugar, and cocoa powder collect around the side of one mixing bowl, remnants of egg yolk and oil cling to another. And then there’s the whisk and the rubber spatula and the spoons and the measuring cups . . . washing up becomes a more intensive process than baking in the first place!

That’s why I love Cook’s Country’s recipe for one-bowl brownies that mimic the soft, chewy texture of boxed mixes. There's no fussing around with separating wet and dry ingredients, and this recipe is absolutely delicious and also infinitely customizable. We have variations for white chocolate and raspberry brownies, Nutella-hazelnut brownies, peanut butter–marshmallow brownies, and even chocolate-mint brownies.


Easy Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Our easy mixing method opened the door for some exciting variations.
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Not only do all these delicious varieties of brownie come together in one bowl, by baking them on the lowest rack in the oven, the brownies cook nicely on the bottom and edges without overcooking and drying out. So you get better results and less washing up.

From start to finish you’ll only be in the kitchen for about an hour (including baking time of course), and if you can resist these delicious morsels while they cool, you’ll have a spectacular dessert (or snack, or breakfast . . . we won’t judge) that any guest—and dishwasher—would be grateful for.

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