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In the Library with Toni Tipton-Martin: One-Pan History

In this video, Toni Tipton-Martin highlights the history of one-pan meals and their resurgence in popularity.

Published Aug. 7, 2023.

One-pot cooking is far from a new idea. Combining a mix of vegetables, starch, and protein in one vessel has been an efficient way to feed people since humans have been cooking.

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In the 1950s, the popularity of recipes for one-pot meals surged when more women started to work outside the home and convenience became important. It continued into the 1990s, when one-pot cookbooks were marketed to families with two working parents. Suddenly, a fundamental cooking method that had been used throughout history by people from all different cultures got a rebrand for middle-class Americans who wanted to get dinner on the table fast. Today, social media has continued to highlight the efficiency (and photographability) of one-pot meals.  

Cook's Country's Editor in Chief Toni Tipton-Martin gives a more detailed story in the video below. 

Check out our recipe for One-Pot Chicken Jardinière, one of our favorite one-pan meals. It includes lightly braised chicken pieces, mushrooms, potatoes, and carrots in a savory sauce.

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