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The Joy of Apple Turnovers

Why share dessert when you can have an individual portion all to yourself? 

Published Oct. 5, 2023.

I don’t know about you, but I think there is something luxurious about the idea of having a dessert all to yourself, even while eating with friends and family. 

Do I need to give side-eye to Aunt Susan’s slightly larger portion of cake or restrain myself from taking the last brownie from a communal tray? With individually portioned treats such as our Apple Turnovers, the answer is always no.

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And they’re not just for dessert! These turnovers are great as either the first or last bite of the day—whether you find yourself regularly dueling for the last skerrick of cereal in the box or simply want the pleasure of sitting with a cup of coffee and an easy-to-hold morning pastry.

Looking at these picturesquely parceled pastries, you might assume that while they may be delicious, they’re likely a pain in the neck to prepare . . . but they aren’t. Tactfully using store-bought ingredients like apple butter and frozen puff pastry means that you don’t need to lift a finger to mix and roll out your own dough or prepare your own flavor-boosting ingredients.

In fact, these gems are such a cinch to make compared with other flaky treats that they only call for six ingredients!

Freshly grated apples paired with the apple butter, as well as a sprinkle of sweet, aromatic cinnamon, give these turnovers a complex and undeniably autumnal flavor. And as if we haven’t already convinced you to make these beauties, the thought of passing around a plate piled high with golden, flaky pastry bursting with sweet apple filling will have you rushing to preheat the oven. 

And the best part? You’ll have a whole portion to enjoy all to yourself.

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