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The Top Cook’s Country Shrimp Recipe of All Time Is ...

Need inspiration for your shrimp dinner? This recipe is the most-loved among Cook’s Country readers.

Published Jan. 1, 2024.

If you’re a crustacean fan, or looking to eat a bit more heart-healthy seafood, shrimp are a great choice to give a distinct yet delicate flavor to your dinner. Slightly sweet with a hint of brininess, shrimp are a favorite in many cuisines across the world.

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And that’s why so many of our shrimp recipes here at Cook’s Country are beloved by our readers. But there’s one that’s taken out the top spot and wears the crown as our most-saved shrimp recipe.

That recipe is our Shrimp Tacos.

Reader, these aren’t just your average tacos. More like a mix between a taco and a quesadilla (lovingly nicknamed “tacodillas” by Senior Editor Matthew Fairman), these tacos—based on Mexican tacos gobernador—feature tangy salsa paired with fresh shrimp and plenty of melty cheese.


Shrimp Tacos

These melty, crispy, shrimp-and-salsa-filled bundles might be the best tacos you've never had. (Yet.)
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Baking the folded tacos offers a perfectly fresh, crusty conduit for the quick-cooking shrimp filling that’s supersimple but sure to impress.

If tacos aren’t your thing, take a look at the full range of our top 10 shrimp recipes below.

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