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Make Chocolate-Raspberry Pie for Anyone You’re Sweet On

A glorious yet simple treat.

Published Feb. 9, 2024.

There’s something uniquely melodious about the combination of chocolate and raspberries. 

Chocolate is dark and bitter, smooth and melty. Raspberries are tangy and bright, all juicy bursts and crunchy seeds. 

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The berries bring out fruity undertones in the chocolate, and the chocolate smooths out the berries’ sharpness. It is a combination greater than the sum of its parts, unlocking even more flavor from each ingredient. 

This pie, bracing and decadent, is a celebration of those flavors.


Bittersweet-Chocolate Raspberry Pie

A glorious-yet-simple treat for anyone you're sweet on.
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It starts with a simple Oreo-cookie crust; the cookies (filling and all) are ground to crumbs in a food processor with a little sugar and bound with melted butter. The mixture is pressed (very firmly, to keep it in place) into a pie plate and baked until crisp. 

Make the Oreo-cookie crust
Make the Oreo-cookie crust

Next, a fudgy ganache layer comes together easily in the microwave by simply melting chocolate with cream (use dark chocolate for more intense flavor, milk chocolate if you prefer that creamy sweetness). 

On top of that goes the jammy raspberry filling: Frozen raspberries (just as flavorful as fresh in cooked applications but more affordable) are cooked with sugar until broken down and syrupy, flavored with lemon juice and vanilla, and set with gelatin. 

Fill with a jammy raspberry layer
Fill with a jammy raspberry layer

After the pie is refrigerated until firm, the top is decorated with fresh raspberries, making a pretty jewel-like mosaic. 

A raspberry-studded top creates a beautiful finish
A raspberry-studded top creates a beautiful finish

A Chambord-spiked whipped cream is the ideal accompaniment, its richness mellowing the tangy-bitter-sweet edges of the pie.

The result is stunningly gorgeous, every bit as delicious as it looks. It’s the perfect love letter to your valentine, galentine, or palentine. Better yet, make it for yourself for the ultimate expression of self-love.

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