Refreezing Pie Dough

If you don't use both frozen pie crusts sold together in a pack, is it okay to refreeze the one that’s already been thawed?

To find out if we could refreeze the extra roll of dough that often comes in packages of store-bought pie dough, we bought three varieties of prepared pie dough, including our taste-test winner, Wholly Wholesome 9" Certified Organic Traditional Bake at Home Rolled Pie Dough.

We tested frozen pie doughs that had been thawed for 24 hours in the refrigerator, refrozen, and thawed again (all in their original packages) and compared them with freshly thawed doughs. We sampled them baked without a filling, in our Lemon Chess Pie, and in our French Coconut Pie. While a few tasters noticed that the twice-thawed shells were slightly tougher than the fresh shells, most could not distinguish between the samples.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Go ahead and refreeze that extra roll of pie dough, preferably in its original packaging. If you opened the dough and took it out of its packaging, wrap it tightly in plastic before refreezing.

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