Using Metal Cooking Utensils in Enameled Cast-Iron Cookware

Will using metal cooking utensils ruin enameled cast-iron cookware.

The enamel glaze that covers this kind of cast-iron cookware is similar to the glaze painted and fired onto pottery. If that kind of glaze is sharply struck with something hard, it can crack or chip. The same thing can happen with the enamel glaze applied to cast-iron cookware.

We checked in with our equipment testing team, and they affirmed that you can use metal utensils in enameled cookware as long as you don't bang the utensils full-force on the enamel (the enamel on the lip is especially fragile). For a similar reason, you should also avoid slamming the lid down on your enameled cookware.

If your enameled cookware does chip, the dark cast-iron surface underneath will be exposed. Before cooking with the pot, be sure to clean it well, as you don't want any more loose enamel to chip off. Once you've done that, it's fine to cook with.

THE BOTTOM LINE: You can use metal cooking utensils when cooking in enameled cast-iron pots and pans as long as you do so gently. If you strike the pot sharply with metal utensils, the enamel can crack or chip.

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