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The Best Way to Grease a Bundt Pan

What’s the best way to grease a Bundt pan?

What’s the best way to grease a Bundt pan?

Bundt cakes can be tricky to unmold. We baked four of them using four different methods to grease the pans: 1) brushing the pan with melted butter, then flouring; 2) rubbing it with softened butter, then flouring; 3) spraying it with regular cooking spray; and 4) spraying it with cooking spray designed for baking, which contains flour and silicon dioxide in addition to the oil in regular cooking spray.

The cakes baked in the pans that were greased with butter and then floured unmolded easily, though the pan greased with softened butter left a film of butter and patches of flour where the butter was inadvertently applied more heavily. Unmolding the cake from the pan greased with cooking spray for baking—which was a cinch to apply—required only slightly more effort. But we had to fight to get the cake out of the pan that was greased with regular cooking spray.

THE BOTTOM LINE Brush the inside of your Bundt pan with melted butter, dust it with flour, and knock out any excess.



Pan greased with regular cooking spray.



Pan greased with melted butter and flour.

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