The Best Way to Grill Corn

Get great grilled-corn flavor with these test kitchen tips.

If you shuck corn on the cob before grilling, the kernels can dry out. Shucking it hot off the grill can result in burned fingers. What's the solution? 

Here in the test kitchen, when we want grilled corn, we want grilled flavor. Grilling in the husks not only burns your fingers but also gives the corn a grassy, steamed flavor that’s not unpleasant, but it doesn’t taste grilled. Grilling corn without the husk delivers grilled flavor and prevents singed digits, but the kernels can get dry, rubbery, or charred. For moist, grilled (not charred) corn, we recommend shucking it and then dissolving ½ cup of salt in a gallon of water, soaking the corn in the salted water for 30 minutes, grilling it over a hot fire, brushing it with softened butter, and seasoning it with salt and pepper.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Shuck the corn before grilling for the best grilled flavor. To keep the corn moist, brine it briefly before grilling over a hot fire.

SHUCK AND BRINE : Our foolproof method for grilled corn.

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