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The Difference Between Grating and Shredding Cheese
The Difference Between Grating and Shredding Cheese
Is there a difference between grating and shredding cheese?
Published: February 2019
How to Substitute for Buttermilk
Is there a non-dairy alternative that will lend the same buttermilk tang to baked and savory applications?
Published: October 2017
What to Do with Hard Parmesan Cheese (and How to Prevent It From Drying Out in the First Place)
Is there a good way to revive Parmesan cheese that has dried out in the fridge?
Published: March 2017
Preshredded Cheese
Why does preshredded store-bought Parmesan seem to work better for coating food for baking or frying than freshly grated?
Published: December 2015
What Causes Metallic-Tasting Cheese
Why does cheese begin tasting metallic if wrapped and stored in aluminum foil?
Published: October 2015
Substituting Greek Yogurt for Sour Cream in Recipes
Can Greek yogurt be substituted for sour cream in recipes?
Published: October 2015
Substituting Almond Milk for Dairy Milk in Recipes
I am lactose intolerant, and I’ve come to love almond milk in my coffee. Will it work as a milk replacement in desserts?
Published: December 2014
Freezing Leftover Sour Cream
We were curious if frozen, then thawed, sour cream could work as well in recipes as never-frozen sour cream.
Published: February 2014
Does Hard-Cooking Eggs with Vinegar Make them Easier to Peel?
Some say that adding 2 tablespoons of vinegar per quart of water before hard-cooking eggs will make peeling easier. Is that true?
Published: December 2013
How to Substitute Yogurt for Buttermilk
Is there any way to substitute yogurt for buttermilk in recipes for pancakes and biscuits?
Published: February 2012
Adding Liquid to Scrambled Eggs
Some recipes for scrambled eggs call for water or milk. Does this do anything for the eggs?
Published: December 2011
Evaporated Milk as Milk Substitution
Can I reconstitute evaporated milk and use it in place of ordinary milk in recipes?
Published: December 2009
Freezing Leftover Egg Whites
Can leftover egg whites be whipped after defrosting?
Published: December 2009
Easy Egg Separation
Follow these simple steps for separating whites and yolks.
Published: August 2009
Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt costs so much. Is it worth the extra money?
Published: June 2009
Weighing Cheese
How do cup measurements for cheese translate into weight measurements?
Published: April 2009
All Eggs Aren't Equal
Is there really a difference between the different grades of eggs?
Published: December 2008
Goat Cheese
What does one look for when choosing goat cheese at the supermarket?
Published: December 2008
Dairy-free Buttermilk
Is it possible to manipulate soy or rice milk to mimic buttermilk?
Published: October 2008
Queso Fresco
What is queso fresco and how can I use it?
Published: August 2008
Egg Whites 101
What does a soft or a stiff peak look like? How will I know if I’ve over-whipped my egg whites?
Published: August 2008
Feta Cheese
All we ask of a good feta is for it to be moist, creamy, fresh-tasting, and tangy.
Published: April 2008
Cheese Vs. Cheese Products
Are “cheese products” like Velveeta actually considered cheese?
Published: February 2008
Egg Rings
TV advertisements claim these make perfectly round eggs for sandwiches. But do egg rings really work?
Published: October 2007
Brie Rind
Is the white exterior of Brie cheese edible?
Published: August 2007
Crème Fraiche
What is crème fraiche? If I can’t find it at my grocery store, can I use a substitute?
Published: August 2007
Milk Vs. Half-and-Half
Can you use milk and half-and-half interchangeably in recipes?
Published: August 2006
Freezing Cheese
Which cheeses, if any, can be safely frozen?
Published: June 2004