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Why You Should Use Your Anchovy Oil
Why You Should Use Your Anchovy Oil
Don't throw it away, it's too flavorful!
Published: October 2021
Is Mayonnaise Better Than Butter on Grilled Cheese?
Is Mayonnaise Better Than Butter on Grilled Cheese?
We’ve heard of using mayonnaise instead of butter on the outside of grilled cheese sandwiches. Does it really work, and is there any benefit?
Published: December 2020
How to Substitute for Tahini in Hummus
No tahini? No problem.
Published: July 2019
Walnut Oil 101
Can Walnut Oil be substituted for olive oil?
Published: December 2015
What is Powdered Peanut Butter?
Powdered peanut butter is starting to show up in grocery stores. What is it?
Published: October 2015
Vegetarian Bacon Fat Substitutes
Is there a meatless substitute for bacon fat?
Published: April 2015
Why You Shouldn't Grease a Tube Pan for Angel Food Cake
You don't want your cake to slip out of the pan when it's cooling, do you?
Published: October 2013
Substituting Coconut Oil for Shortening in Pie Crust
Can coconut oil be substituted for shortening in pie crust recipes that call for both shortening and butter?
Published: October 2013
Canned Coconut Milk vs. Carton-Packed Coconut Milk Beverage
What's the difference between canned coconut milk, and the boxed stuff in the beverage aisle next to the soy milk?
Published: August 2013
Where Does Canola Oil Come From?
This vegetable oil has become a kitchen standard. But what kind of plant is canola, anyway?
Published: October 2012
Sauteing with Coconut Oil
 I’ve heard buzz about the health benefits of coconut oil. Can I sauté with it in place of vegetable oil?
Published: August 2011
Olive Pomace Oil
What is olive pomace oil and how does it differ from regular or extra-virgin olive oil?
Published: February 2011
Using Shortenings Without Trans Fats in Pie Crusts
Do the new shortenings without trans fats work as well as the old ones for pie crust?
Published: October 2009
Peanut Butter Substitutions
Can you substitute natural peanut butter with no added sugar for the sweetened stuff in recipes?
Published: August 2009
Corn Oil vs. Vegetable Oil
Can corn oil be substituted for vegetable oil?
Published: February 2009
Sesame Oil: Plain vs. Toasted
Can plain and toasted sesame oil be used interchangeably?
Published: February 2009
Flavored Shortening
Can you use Butter Flavor Crisco instead of regular Crisco to bake or fry?
Published: June 2007
Cooking Oils
In the test kitchen, we use different cooking oils to suit the flavor and cooking temperature requirements of the recipe at hand. These are the oils we commonly…
Published: June 2007
Canola Oil vs. Shortening For Pie Crusts
Can canola oil be used as a substitute for shortening or butter in pie crust recipes? 
Published: June 2006
Frying Oil Temperature
You don’t want to rely on guesswork for determining when frying oil is hot. Here's the test kitchen’s method.
Published: August 2005