Fish & Shellfish

9 Helpful Cooking Tips

Two Things You Should Do Before Cooking Scallops
Two Things You Should Do Before Cooking Scallops
Sea scallops have a lovely sweet, mild flavor. Here are two tips for cooking them.
Published: October 2021
Tips for Getting the Best Sear on Scallops
Is there a preferred method for cooking sea scallops?
Published: January 2020
Supermarket Fish
Supermarket Fish
More than 27,000 types of fish exist in the world, but these 12 routinely appear in your local grocery store.
Published: June 2015
Despite its name, shellfish are not fish (and they don't all have shells, either).
Published: June 2011
Surprise Anchovy Substitute
One pantry staple is a perfect stand-in for anchovies.
Published: December 2009
Deveining Shell-On Shrimp
Is deveining shrimp really necessary? And how do you do it?
Published: August 2009
Salmon: Fresh versus Frozen
How do fresh and frozen salmon compare?
Published: August 2009
Skinning Salmon
Use this technique to easily remove the skin from salmon. 
Published: August 2006
Knowing When Fish is Done
For perfectly cooked fish, you’ll need to use visual clues.
Published: February 2005