Pasta, Grains, & Beans

12 Helpful Cooking Tips

Will Sushi Rice Work in Risotto?
Risotto recipes always call for a short-grained rice like Arborio. Since sushi rice is also short-grained, will it also work?
Published: February 2014
How to Make Really Creamy Hummus Without Peeling the Chickpeas
Is there a trick to achieving really creamy hummus without having to peel the chickpeas?
Published: December 2012
Adjusting the Cooking Time of Dried Beans when Making Chili
Sometimes when making chili, the dried beans will cook but not soften. Why is this?
Published: December 2012
From fusilli to garganelli, pasta takes on so many different shapes, each with its own unique benefits. By getting to know each type a little better, you can ex…
Published: August 2012
How to Flavor Soaking Dried Beans
Is there any way to add flavors to dried beans that are soaking in water?   
Published: December 2011
What is Converted Rice?
It's rumored that "converted rice” always comes out perfect and is healthier than white rice. Is this true?
Published: October 2011
All About Oats
What are the differences between old-fashioned, quick-cooking, and instant oatmeal?   
Published: June 2011
Baking Soda and Beans
Why do some recipes add baking soda when cooking beans?
Published: August 2008
Fresh Beans and Peas
Fresh beans and peas, also known as legumes, can be divided into two categories: those with edible pods and those from which only the seeds (the beans and peas)…
Published: June 2008
Oat Primer
What the difference between rolled oats, quick oats, and instant oats?
Published: June 2006
Bean Basics
Canned beans are convenient, but in many recipes (particularly those with long cooking times) we prefer to use dried beans. Here's how we ensure perfectly cooke…
Published: February 2006
Substituting Canned Beans For Dried
Is it wise to substitute canned beans for dried?
Published: October 2005