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Cook’s Country feeds your passion for cooking by introducing you to the history and people behind America’s favorite regional dishes. Our failproof, easy-to-follow recipes inspire confidence in the kitchen.

Cinnamon Sugar Fried Sweet Potatoes
Bryan Roof, talks with Janice Dulce
Spaghetti and Clams
La Vina Cheesecake

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Stories of Food in America
The Titan of Teriyaki

A stalwart of the Seattle restaurant scene invites us into his kitchen.

When Seattle cooking legend Toshi Kasahara invited me for a teriyaki lunch at his restaurant in Mill Creek, Washington, about 30 minutes outside of the city, I hadn’t pictured a strip-mall storefront with just three tables and a view of Staples and Rite Aid out front. But that’s where I find him, tucked away in the tiny kitchen of Toshi’s Teriyaki Grill, a space filled with the iconic aromas of ginger, garlic, and grilled meats. Toshi arrived in Seattle in 1976 with a business degree and a plan: to change the city’s understanding of what teriyaki should be.
Attitude and Smoke

In this small town, there’s a chef making a name for his Kansas City BBQ.

As I pull into the gravel parking lot of Crane Brewing in Raytown, Missouri, I spy a 375-gallon offset smoker kicking off a faint trickle of smoke. I step inside the brewery and work my way past the bar area and across the production floor and eventually take my place in line with the small crowd gathered in the barrel room, flanked by giant wooden vats of beer. I was ready for my first taste of Harp Barbecue. Owner Tyler Harp dons an apron and positions himself behind a cutting board, ready to slice ribs and brisket to order.
In Tampa, Home of the Cuban Sandwich

A visit to Ybor City reveals the complex history of the Cuban sandwich.

In Tampa, Florida, the Cuban sandwich is an enduring source of pride, sustenance, and fierce debate. Connoisseurs take strong stands on each element. Cuban sandwiches are derived from mixto sandwiches, which were popular in Cuba over a century ago. “As the sandwich emigrated from Cuba to Key West and eventually to Tampa, the name evolved from 'mixto' to 'Cubano' and 'Cuban,’” says historian Jeff Houck. The sandwich reflects the cultural makeup of the Ybor City community, including Spanish, Cuban, German, Jewish, and American influences.
Rustic Mountain Food of Puerto Rico

At Casa Vieja, guanimes con bacalao is a simple but storied dish.

The road to the mountain town of Ciales, near the center of Puerto Rico, snakes upward as it cuts through lush green forest. Casa Vieja appears, almost suddenly, like a bright blue beacon of roadside dining on a sharp bend when you thought you might have passed the last remaining restaurant miles ago. Overlooking the verdant Toro Negro Forest, Casa Vieja couldn't be in a more perfect setting.

Portraits of the People Who Feed Us

We crisscross the country to meet and learn from great American cooks. Their stories are a testament to our diverse and ever-changing culinary history.
Mateo Otero

Mateo Otero

Rollies Mexican Patio, Tucson, Arizona. "I had the food truck concept in my mind, but it accidentally turned into a restaurant." Read more about Otero.

Meherwan Irani

Meherwan Irani

Chai Pani, Asheville, North Carolina. "At what point do I stop saying that I'm an Indian living in the South and start saying that I'm a Southerner that happens to be Indian?" Read more about Irani.

Rodney Scott

Rodney Scott

Rodney Scott's BBQ, Charleston, South Carolina. "Every day is a good day." Read more about Scott.

Janice Dulce

Janice Dulce

FOB Kitchen, Oakland, California. "No one was treating Filipino food like that, using quality ingredients." Read more about Dulce.

In the Library with Toni Tipton-Martin

Every recipe has a story. Join Cook’s Country Editor in Chief Toni Tipton-Martin as she dives into history that will inspire you to cook.
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Morgan Bolling pushes a raspberry-rose hip sauce
Sean Sherman Recipe Cook off
Twice cooked pork
Apple cider donuts
Meet the Team
Toni Tipton-Martin headshot

Toni Tipton-Martin

Toni is the editor in chief of Cook's Country. She is a two-time James Beard Award winner for her books on African American cooking.
Bryan Roof headshot

Bryan Roof

Bryan is the editorial director (and intrepid On-the-Road traveler) of Cook's Country, as well as a longtime cast member of Cook's Country TV.
Morgan Bolling headshot

Morgan Bolling

Morgan is the executive editor of creative content for Cook's Country and a cast member of Cook's Country TV. She loves all things barbecue and pork.
Lawman Johnson headshot

Lawman Johnson

Lawman is a senior editor for Cook's Country and a Cook's Country TV cast member. He worked in restaurants and taught cooking classes before joining ATK.
Mark Huxsoll headshot

Mark Huxsoll

Mark is a test cook for Cook's Country. He's a Culinary Institute of America grad who's cooked in Philly, Chicago, and Copenhagen.
Scott Kathan headshot

Scott Kathan

Scott is the executive editor of Cook's Country. He's cooked in professional kitchens and has a background writing about arts and pop culture.
Megan Ginsberg headshot

Megan Ginsberg

Megan is the deputy editor for Cook's Country. She is an avid home cook and former professional baker who joined ATK in 2011.
Kelly Song headshot

Kelly Song

Kelly is a test cook for Cook's Country. She loves tending to a slow braise and always has room for chocolate cake.
Amanda Luchtel headshot

Amanda Luchtel

Amanda is a test cook for Cook's Country. She's a former private chef and has a certificate in sustainable farming.
Jessica Rudolph headshot

Jessica Rudolph

Jessica is an associate editor for Cook's Country. She’s a culinary school grad and specializes in weeknight dinner recipes.
Nicole Konstantinakos headshot

Nicole Konstantinakos

Nicole is the deputy food editor for Cook's Country. A former sous chef, she spent years cooking and teaching in the Basque Country.
Matthew Fairman headshot

Matthew Fairman

Matthew is a senior editor for Cook's Country. He's a former restaurant cook and college writing teacher. He lives in New Orleans.
Faye Yang headshot

Faye Yang

Faye is a test cook for Cook’s Country. She’s a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education and has worked in James Beard Award-winning restaurants in Boston and New York.
Steve Klise headshot

Steve Klise

Steve is a senior staff photographer at America's Test Kitchen and the chief photographer for Cook's Country, both in the studio and on the road.

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