Four Trends from the Summer 2018 Fancy Food Show

Tastings & Testings editor Miye Bromberg reports from this year’s show, where old trends such as probiotics and plant-based proteins continue to be big.

Published July 11, 2018.

Every year, the Tastings & Testings team travels to New York City for the Summer Fancy Food Show in order to get a sense of the current trends hitting the specialty food market. Here’s what’s on the rise this summer:

1. Plenty of Probiotics

In general, health has become a much bigger priority for new food manufacturers. Most people are used to getting their probiotics in yogurt or kombucha. But at the Fancy Food Show, we saw probiotics advertised in everything from coconut water to feta to snack bars.

2. More Plant-Based Proteins

At the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, we saw an uptick in meat alternatives made from plant-based proteins. This time, however, the term “plant-based protein” is being used to boost the profiles of snacks, low-carb pastas and noodles, and even nut and oat milks and dairy-free creamers. Company representatives say that as with the meat alternatives, these new foods are meant to provide plenty of healthy protein without relying on animal products.

3. Mocktail Mixers

There are always lots of shrubs, tonics, and other cocktail mixers at the Fancy Food Show. But this year, new drink companies emphasized using these products in mocktails and other healthier, alcohol-free drinks.

4. Cold Brew Continuation

The packaged cold brew trend shows no signs of abating, either. We saw cold brew in more booths than ever and in a larger array of formats: bottles, cans, and even cardboard cartons. Many of the cold brew makers have also diversified their flavor options, with new nut- and coconut-flavored versions available.

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