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Salmon | What's Eating Dan? [VIDEO]

Watch and learn the science behind cooking salmon.

Published Oct. 4, 2018.

Welcome to What's Eating Dan?, a digital video series starring Cook's Illustrated editor in chief Dan Souza. You can connect with Dan on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss a new episode.

Feed your salmon inspiration with our editors' picks.

Equipment Review

Precision = Sublime Salmon

When wild salmon is cooked to just 120 degrees, the muscle fibers contract less and therefore retain more moisture. Use our favorite instant-read digital thermometer to hit that sweet spot every time for firm yet silky fish.
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Sous Vide Poached Salmon

The precision of low-temperature sous vide cooking eliminates the risk of overcooking your fish.
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Oven-Roasted Salmon

Most recipes for salmon create either a nicely browned exterior or a silky, moist interior. Why shouldn't we have our salmon both ways?
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Pan-Seared Salmon

For a crisp crust and a juicy interior, the secret is starting your salmon in a cold skillet.
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Miso-Marinated Salmon

Miso is one of the best ways to flavor salmon—inside and out.
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Roasted Whole Side of Salmon

When it comes to serving a crowd, most cooks turn to a large roast or bird. But wouldn't it be nice to serve fish?
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