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Pizza | What's Eating Dan? [VIDEO]

Watch and learn the science behind making the best homemade pizza.

Published Oct. 18, 2018.

Welcome to What's Eating Dan?, a digital video series starring Cook's Illustrated editor in chief Dan Souza. You can connect with Dan on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss a new episode.

Feed your pizza inspiration with our editors' picks.

Equipment Review

For That Irresistibly Crisp, Browned Crust

Our favorite pizza stone takes your oven to the next level. We're also fans of the baking steel, a 15-pound slab of recycled steel that radiates heat more intensely than a stone, cutting down on baking time and quickly giving pizza crust a taller profile and flavorful charring. 
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Thin-Crust Pizza

With ovens that reach only 500 degrees and dough that springs back when stretched, it's a challenge to produce parlor-quality pies at home. This recipe changes that.
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Thick-Crust Sicilian-Style Pizza

Dense, doughy slabs of thick-crust pizza are all too familiar—and forgettable. We wanted to give the real-deal Sicilian pie its due.
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Grilled Pizza

After weeks of making burnt, puffy pies, we learned that the keys to crisp-tender, lightly charred pizza from the grill are quite simple: a strategic setup and a glug of oil.
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Thin-Crust Whole-Wheat Pizza with Garlic Oil, Three Cheeses, and Basil

Most whole-wheat pizza is as dry and dense as cardboard. But what if there was a way to make it as crisp and chewy as traditional pizza—and highlight its nutty, wheaty flavor?
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One-Hour Pizza

The ultimate challenge for a pizza master with 30 years of experience? Making a good one in just 60 minutes.
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