How to Make a DIY Roasting Rack

Don't have a V-rack? Build your own using one of these tricks.

Published Nov. 17, 2015.

Aluminum Foil + Stovetop Grates

1. Wrap two light-gauge stovetop grates with foil and use a paring knife or skewer to poke large holes in the foil so that juices can drip down into the pan as the bird roasts.

2. Place the grates in the roasting pan, resting them against the sides of the pan so that the bottoms of the grates meet to create a V-shape. Roast as directed.

Aluminum Foil Cylinders

1. Roll three pieces of foil into tight cylinders and place them 2 inches apart across the middle of the roasting pan.

2. Position the roast so that it sits evenly atop the cylinders. After cooking, cool the foil rolls and discard.

Cookie Cutters

Place several open-style metal cookie cutters in the bottom of the roasting pan. Put the item to be roasted on the cutters, suspending it above the bottom of the pan.

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