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One-Step Spice Storage Makeover

Banish the clutter and mismatched jars from your spice drawer for good.

Published Aug. 3, 2021.

Recently, I finally had it with my cluttered spice drawer and emptied it of its ill-fitting tins, jars, and pouches, determined to find a way to keep my spices organized at last.

I quickly found a solution so stunningly simple that I felt foolish for dealing with the mismatched mess for so long. I just transferred all my spices into a set of 4-ounce, square-sided jars (available at hardware stores and on Amazon), assisted by a tiny funnel that came with the set. When I placed the jars (labeled with the set’s preprinted tags) in the drawer, they fit so tidily side by side that I had room for 10 more jars—a whopping 20 percent increase.

If you follow my strategy, just be sure to buy glass jars: Glass doesn't absorb flavors or odors or react with the volatile oils in some spices, as plastics can.

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