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The Best Whipped Topping Comes from a Can (of Coconut Milk)

You don’t need to be vegan to love this lush and billowy nondairy topping—which also lasts days without deflating.

Published Oct. 7, 2021.

Even if you’re a card-carrying egg scrambler and dairy buff, vegan whipped cream made from coconut milk is so good that you may willingly trade it for the conventional stuff. Not only do its lush, velvety billows rival those of regular whipped cream, but it’s made from pantry ingredients and it lasts days in the fridge without deflating, so you can whip it ahead of time.

Here's the basic two-step process:

  • Skim the solid top layer from a couple cans of coconut milk (the full-fat kind is a must).
  • Whip the cream in a stand mixer until soft, voluminous peaks form.

Two tweaks that make the topping even better:

  • Chill the unopened cans for 24 hours to ensure that the solid cream separates from the milky liquid and is easy to skim from the top, and use only the very thick portion.
  • Add a tablespoon of sugar, which enhances the coconut cream's fruity sweetness, and a teaspoon of vanilla to complement its mild coconutty flavor.

Dollop the topping anywhere you might use conventional whipped cream: over fresh fruit or desserts such as pie, tarts, and mousse. Or just spoon a dab from the bowl for a hit of pure, gossamer-light joy.

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Whipped Coconut Cream

You don't need to be vegan to enjoy this lush, billowy nondairy topping.
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